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Tapered roller thrust bearings manufactured by us are precision engineered for true rolling motion for an increased bearing life with a feature to sustain additional load bearing capacity when used in a variety of industrial applications machines. our tapered Roller thrust bearings are used as a component in critical applications known to industry. The taper roller thrust bearing  addresses an operating conditions with both radial and axial loads. The main component of an tapered roller thrust bears are shaft washer, housing washer and rolling element assembly which are the independent component of the thrust roller bearing.
Tapered roller thrust bearings enable axially very compact bearing arrangements to be produced which can carry very heavy axial loads and which can also provide ample resistance to shock loads and are stiff. tapered roller thrust bearings provides an optimum stress distribution as it is design with a logarithmic contact profile between raceways and rollers which also results in a longer operating life of a thrust roller bearing

various types of tapered roller thrust bearing manufactured and supplied by us are
heavy duty taper roller bearing, V-flat tapered roller thrust bearings , screw down, oscillating and crossed roller designs.

screw-down bearings are a special design of the single direction taper roller thrust bearings used for rolling mill arrangements , it consist of hard casing of alloy steel complimenting with long rollers or large diameter to sustain shocks and axial loads

Dimensions of taper roller thrust bearings are not standardized. The main boundary dimensions are produced with normal tolerances according to ISO standards

Tapered Thrust Roller Bearings are available as :

Sealed type of thrust roller bearing
Unsealed  type of tapered thrust roller bearings
Case carburized bearing quality steel
Wide range of size and bore diameters